About Us

for women's healthWe are here to help women worldwide increase their health, self esteem & lose weight

Our Brand was born when Heather Jameson met Bogdan and Aline Pilani, in January 2013, at a conference in Boston.

Heather was about to release her first weight loss ebook and she needed somebody to help her promote it.

Aline has just created 10 workouts videos and she wanted someone to help her became a well known trainer on Facebook.

This is how their project has started and ever since they have been working together, with Bogdan doing the web design and marketing for all our products.

In May 2014 we have started selling health and beauty products on Amazon. This was another great success for us because we found some high quality suppliers which made our products a real success and made lots of happy clients.

Right now, over 70% of our company is focused on helping women lose weight. We have over 10 websites, smartphone apps and eBooks published, all with one goal: to help women become healthier, increase their confidence and lose weight.